The Organizational Self-Assessment (OSA) Tool for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion was developed by the members of HEDR’s Resources Working Group. In early 2015, the Resources Working Group shared a variety of diversity self-assessment tools and standards, inclusion benchmarks, and equity capacity measures. These resources were reviewed for relevance and most appropriate indicators were elected and modified for the first draft. —The self-assessment tool proposed draft was edited by the members of the Resources Working Group, dividing the indicators into these categories:

  1. Organizational Foundation
  2. Leadership
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Personnel Practices
  5. Communication
  6. Performance Improvement

The tool format was developed with columns for Indicators, Evidence, Actions Planned and Score.

An Introduction to HEDR’s Organizational Self-Assessment Tool was composed with users in mind, to outline the purpose and framework. The tool was first shared with HEDR members in January 2016 and is being piloted at various member organizations. The tool is a living document and is continually being revised and updated based on user feedback. We welcome all organizations to use this tool and encourage feedback. The OSA tool can be found below as well as a feedback form.

Organizational Self Assessment (OSA) Tool

Feedback on OSA Tool